E.M. Monroe

"I knew, not from memory, but from hope, that there were other models by which to live." Weems

Models Monday: Being Like My Mother

This is the church that hides the school that I attended and hated from kindergarten through eighth grade. Although my mother would later claim that she had no idea how … Continue reading

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Models Monday: E-Depravity

This caption says it all: The people pictured are crying and clearly disturbed because the football season was canceled, not because some players sexually violated others. Sayreville students are equally … Continue reading

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Dream Defenders

The Dream Defenders describes their mission on their website┬áin this way: “The Dream Defenders develop the next generation of radical leaders to realize and exercise our independent collective power; building … Continue reading

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Models Monday: Precision

Definite, specific, and concrete language has gone out of favor these days. Many young people I know use the expression, “I feel some type-a way about that,” to convey something … Continue reading

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Models Monday: Glamour and Inhumanity

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Models Monday: Good Advice

Asagai: (Charmed) All right, I shall leave you. No–don’t get up. (Touching her, gently, sweetly) Just sit awhile and think…Never be afraid to sit awhile and think. A Raisin in … Continue reading

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Models Monday: Anita Hill

I had the privilege of being one among a small gathering of people who greeted Prof. Anita Hill before the screening of the Frieda Mock documentary about the impetus and … Continue reading

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2014 “…and they’re still on the loose.” Beloved

I’ve been doing a little bit of thinking about Icons and the dangers that come with worshipping them. Given that this era is reflecting on the past 50 years, I’ve … Continue reading

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Models Monday: The Seduction of Reading

When my friend Carmen first told me about Walter Dean Myers’s book The Blues of Flats Brown, I knew that I had to get it for my son. The story … Continue reading

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Models Monday: Intertextuality

If you haven’t read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel Americanah, I highly recommend it. The story crosses international boundaries and thus speaks to issues of identity, class, home, education, and the … Continue reading

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