Since my cousins were quite young, my Aunt Janet and Uncle Be Be had the wonderful idea to have a picnic in their basement to avoid the possibility of stray bullets from New Year’s Eve revelers. When they first started, they would go to Cleveland’s fabulous Westside Market for fruits, cheese and crackers that they enjoyed on their blanket. The next year they added a chicken nugget platter to the fruits, cheese and crackers. My cousin sent me pictures of their most recent feast and it featured barbecue ribs, chicken, fruits, cheese and crackers. This year, I’m following my family’s example.

Anytime I’ve ever told someone about my family’s picnic, they’ve thought it was a terrific idea. This is the first year that I think I’ll have the stamina to actually make it to midnight so that I can enjoy feasting. We’re planning on having barbecue ribs, chicken strips, cucumber, celery, carrots and vegetable dip, and a cheese plate. I’ll take pictures and share them with you.

Enjoy the night!