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ThinkProgress will no longer describe racists as ‘alt-right’ A note from the ThinkProgress editors.

A reporter’s job is to describe the world as it is, with clarity and accuracy. Use of the term “alt-right,” by concealing overt racism, makes that job harder.

With that in mind, ThinkProgress will no longer treat “alt-right” as an accurate descriptor of either a movement or its members. We will only use the name when quoting others. When appending our own description to men like Spencer and groups like NPI, we will use terms we consider more accurate, such as “white nationalist” or “white supremacist.”

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An Open Letter To White Liberal Feminists NOVEMBER 19, 2016 BY RHON MANIGAULT-BRYANT [Repost]


Dear White Liberal Feminists,

After Donald J. Trump’s election to the highest and most powerful political office of the United States last week, many of you have approached me, and my black brothers and sisters especially, with tearful eyes and somber faces. In person, in private, in public, and in the digital sphere, you have bemoaned the state of this world and our political landscape. You have lamented the deep-seated divisiveness of this country. You have wept, you have hugged, and you have gingerly asked, “how are you?”

And yet, your actions and inquiries are especially loaded, as much for their selfishness as their disingenuous nature. Your hugs and tears are of the self-soothing kind. Your inquiries seldom derive from a true desire to learn about how I, as an African American woman, really feel. Rather…CLICK HERE FOR MORE:

Cool Hunting

“Cool hunting” was once a disturbing phrase because it referenced the practice of folk in the marketing and branding business scoping out what black kids were doing on the basketball courts, urban city streets, and shopping malls that suggested the next big fashion trend. Now, “cool hunting” disturbs because it reifies a metaphor of cultural appropriation to identify how police officers behave after killing black people. Ryan Grim and Julia Craven present this next level of “cool hunting” in their article, “There’s Something Disturbing About The Way Cops Act Just After They’ve Shot Somebody.” You should give it a read.

No Humans Involved by Sylvia Wynter


…Thanks to Carmen Kynard for the pdf linked above:

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.27.05 AM

No Humans Involved: Why I Made This Film


Picturehouse Blog


Director Nick Broomfield on his new film TALES OF THE GRIM SLEEPER

‘Black lives matter,’ the slogan of the Ferguson protestors, says it all. The struggle in Ferguson, on Staten Island and across the country is about as basic as they come. It’s about people being treated as if they were disposable, lesser humans – and this is 150 years after the end of slavery.

When I was making TALES OF THE GRIM SLEEPER in Los Angeles, I came across a very similar slogan: ‘Black women’s lives matter… Every life is of value.’ Put forward by the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders, it referred to over 200 black women who disappeared over a 25-year period, most of whom have never been accounted for. This took place in the middle of Los Angeles, not 15 miles from where I live, in South Central – the black area of town –…

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Disdaining the Poor

57729dad1500002b006c8958 The six-year-old actress in this documentary was outfitted as a rich girl and then a poor girl in order to take measure of how people responded to her. The filming ended abruptly because the little girl became so distressed by her treatment. Click the link above to watch.

Sign Their Yearbook

yearbook-FB-3-300x227 This is a very well-conceived call-to-action/tribute to young people killed gunned down in the U.S. Click here to watch the campaign video and click here learn more about the project. I signed their yearbook after learning about the petition here.

Dr. Yashica Robinson Takes on Alabama


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 8.31.22 AM
The Chosen Life is a New York Times Op-Doc about Dr. Yashica Robinson’s women’s wellness clinic. Click here to see just one example of what it takes to be a black woman with integrity  in Alabama. 

Just like Donald Trump’s position as the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States highlights the dangers of American anti-intellectualism at a key point in democratic functioning, the self-righteous protesters in the photograph above underscore the perils of anti-intellectualism in everyday life. The sheer obduracy of these narrow-minded zealots, who have confused passionate advocacy and reasonable dissent, means that there is only one doctor in Huntsville, Alabama with the ability to address the holistic medical needs of women there. The op-doc never mentions Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, Women’s Rights, or Sandra Fluke in its focus on Dr. Yashica Robinson’s one woman bid to provide comprehensive medical care for women in Huntsville, which is only one of the reasons I find what is being called a “historic moment” for women and girls more pedestrian than phenomenal. Dr. Robinson wakes up every day with her personal security threatened, her freedom imperiled, her livelihood jeopardized, her personhood mocked, and her abilities maligned just so women in Huntsville have access to medical care.


Homegrown terrorism looks like what Omar Mateen did in shooting up a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida; what Dylan Roof did one-year ago today in shooting up a church in South Carolina. Homegrown terrorism is also what those anti-intellectual protestors are doing to Yashica Robinson in Huntsville, Alabama. In the United States, terrorism isn’t just an event, it is a daily practice. 

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